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We are not just creating windows.
We are creating something magical.

Alumilux Workshop

At Alumilux we are constantly imagining the possibilities offered by a window opening. Its proportion, its slenderness, its presence, its relationship between the interior and the exterior... We know that a window is not defined by a product.

We are a high-quality carpentry workshop, proudly recovering artisanal techniques and applying the latest technology in order to break with the hegemony of standardisation in our sector. Our strong links with architecture lead us to explore new paths, such as those of art, the creation of furniture or building envelopes.


If you can imagine it, we can make it.

We feel comfortable creating solutions that initially seemed impossible. Our formula is to master each of these four areas and form a team with divergent thinking.



We take all this knowledge that we are gathering, while working together with renowned architects, and transfer it to all our projects. We democratise the knowledge and solutions that are applied within high-end architecture

Integrated suppliers

We design our own AX window systems so that we are not dependent on a third party to tell us what we can or cannot do; how high the windows should be or what maximum weights we can achieve.


This is like a guarantee that what we project we are capable of executing without deviating from the design proposed in the consultancy phase.


We manufacture our windows ourselves. In our workshop we pay special attention to the manufacturing process, which determines the quality of the final result.

OTIIMA, pure minimalism

During all these years we have worked with many brands (Victrocsa, Panoramah!, Schuco, Reynaers, Secco, Jansen, Forster, Technal, Cortizo etc.). We have come to know every screw, every profile and every detail of them, learning how to hack each of the systems to push them to their limits.

In 2016 we found the perfect partner, OTIIMA.

Alumilux Alumilux


Every project that ends up on our desks, we take on as if it were our own. We defend the original idea of the project, even when it goes against us. We never abandon a project.


The industry has standardised its designs to such an extent that it has had an impact on the architecture of our country, so that we have decided to once again focus on those values associated with craftsmanship. Quality, time, extreme attention to detail and maximum personalisation are the key elements that characterise our company.


This is the mentality with which we work. Most windows on the market follow the same pattern, they are part of a system designed with limitations. For years we have been hacking those systems in an attempt to offer something new, even now that we have released our own system. We have hacked it.

We take architecture as seriously as architects do

Our facilities.
10,000 m2 of disruption.

Alumilux Alumilux