Nuevas instalaciones Alumilux. Vista frontal del edificio que alberga zona de producción y oficinas | Alumilux

10,000 m2 of disruption

A year after the start of the pandemic, we at Alumilux decided to triple our commitment and expand our facilities. We went from 4,000 m2 to more than 10,000 m2.

Nothing can stop the bold entrepreneurial attitude that has prevailed within our company since its beginnings. Not even when the world came to a standstill in 2020 and we set in motion the idea of enlarging our facilities, due to our short-term expansion strategy.


The construction of the new workshop was broken down into two stages. The first stage has now been completed, where all the facilities and machinery necessary for production are located, as well as half of the office space. With the second and final stage, the building will be completed. All the works are expected to be completed in the first few weeks of 2023.


The new facilities do not have a traditional showroom but we have chosen to use our own windows to install the different Otiima systems in order to demonstrate the fact that the final result of the execution has the quality and beauty that we and our customers expect.


The project was designed by the renowned architect Jairo Pinedo of Pinedo Architectes. Thanks to its design, we have managed to bring natural light into all the spaces, as well as creating a direct link with nature, transforming the industrial space into a welcoming and pleasant setting. This has improved the conditions for all the people who work at Alumilux, thus turning product development into a rewarding, efficient and quality-assuring process.


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