Perfiles de aluminio Håla

1800 aluminium profiles

Håla received the award as the best space at Barcelona Building Construmat 2017, curated by the Fundació Mies van der Rohe.

Håla is a milestone for Alumilux. It is a bold step that has reaffirmed our commitment to architecture and has succeeded in conveying the values of our products, technique, beauty and sensitivity.



Conceived by Jaime Prous Architects, it is a space that, in their own words, they define as “eighteen hundred aluminium profiles suspended nine metres from the ceiling, which form a cover that adapts to Cartesian regulations through organic geometry”.


From the outside it is misleading: it might remind one of the skeleton of a whale hanging in a 19th century museum or perhaps the hat in which the Little Prince saw a boa digesting an elephant. But it was all about capturing the same childlike curiosity that the Little Prince had.



The cover levitates at its perimeter half a metre above the ground up to a height of five metres in the centre. Inside, reflections and shadows build a cave of cathedral-like proportions. Its intention is to showcase new technological developments, but above all it aims to be a vibrant centre of debate and discussion that attracts trade fair visitors.



The construction is dry-constructed with reusable elements, including the profiles: part of a never-delivered order, which today, at last, has found a use.


More information:

Jaime Prous Architects

Adrià Goula

Winning work | AJAC Awards XI
Best Stand | BB Construmat 2017 Award

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