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Architecture has to be experienced

Sometimes an image is not enough to convey everything we have to offer. Otiima offers its customers the opportunity to experience its products by travelling to Gerês.

The “Casa do Gerês” (Gerês House) is located on a steep hillside in the valley of Caniçada, in Gerês (Portugal). The main motivation for its construction was the desire to create a space where most of Otiima’s products could be experienced in full operation. Interested architects had the option of spending a whole day in the house and assessing the quality on offer in a more real and sensory way. Thanks to the collaboration of the renowned Portuguese architect Carvalho Araújo, this ideal became a reality.



The pre-existing building was a small house next to a stream. Because of some mild landslides, the new house had to be relocated. The proposal consists of a horizontal platform that rests on a retaining wall, thus forming a ground floor and an upper floor that are connected through the double space of the large salon.


The materials used on the outside are also represented on the inside, practically eliminating the boundaries that separate the two spaces. This sense of continuity is enhanced by our window profiles, which are practically invisible.



There is no doubt that the project was a success, as it was chosen as one of “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes”, the show starring presenters Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin, broadcast on Netflix.


If you are curious, here is the link to episode 2 of the second season of “The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes”. We are sure you will enjoy it.




For more information about the studio and the house, click here:

Hugo Carvalho Araújo and Juan Rodriguez

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