Vista exterior y nocturna de la promoción de apartamentos y casas en PGA Catalunya con ventanas minimalistas | Alumilux

El Bosc, the latest award.

Designed by Jaime Prous, this is a development of nine houses and thirty flats located at the PGA Catalunya Golf Resort, Caldes de Malavella.


The presence of pine trees and lakes, the steep topography and the north-facing orientation make for a site that blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.


At the top of the plot, the blocks of flats are grouped in pairs, camouflaged among the trees. The houses are located in the lower part, adapting to the topography and facing the lake on the Stadium Course.




The language of the buildings and houses is unified through large glazed openings, double spaces and courtyards.


These exclusive properties will be equipped with Otiima and the latest innovations in smart homes, providing open-plan spaces bathed in natural light and a perfect relationship with the outdoors.


The materials used for construction incorporate the latest technical advances in sustainable design, underlining their commitment to the environment.




For more information, please visit:

PGA Catalunya Golf Resort

Jaime Prous, Antón Monedero, Eduard Romero, Victor Díaz-Asensio, Carlota Solé

Jordi Chopo, Oriol Ruiz

295.00 m2/house and 160.00 m2/flat and 7,290.00 m2 plot of land