Detalle del sistema de motorización múltiple para abrir y cerrar todas las hojas de la ventana a la vez | Alumilux

Ingenuity and commitment work together to push the limits of technology

Otiima has managed to devise a motorisation system that reduces the time it takes to open large windows, as well as producing a profile that allows vehicles to pass through.

Our technology has made it possible to generate large windows, which can practically cover an entire façade. The solution for opening and closing these sliding doors without it involving a great deal of effort, has been the incorporation of motorised systems, which make the process much easier. The problem, however, came in the construction of such long pieces, as it takes several minutes to completely open the entire system and this is impractical.


It was at this point that Otiima proposed and achieved a multi-motor system that would allow all the window sashes to be opened and closed at the same time. This procedure also results in an exponential reduction of the opening time.



Moreover, in this same system, the objective of being able to use sliding windows as garage doors has been added. This idea gave rise to a profile designed for the Otiima Drain 38, capable of supporting up to twenty tonnes. The frame profile is made of reinforced stainless steel to increase resistance to pressure; it even incorporates a 10 mm channel for rainwater drainage. The central element between the rails is easily removable and allows for proper maintenance and easy cleaning of the assembly. Although the inner workings of the system are from the Otiima Drain, the outer appearance is that of a Fusion 2.0, with visible and removable bottom rails.



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