MAGYX: Fast, efficient and unbeatable

Our 4way team, sponsored by OTIIMA and Alumilux, has been training body and mind for months for the Spanish Championship.

Skydiving, and in particular 4way skydiving, is an excellent cognitive training ground. For us, it serves to strengthen resilience, that ability to adapt to adverse situations with positive results. But the main motivation is to have fun.


It is considered an extreme sport, with a lot of risk, but fear has no place in our DNA. Safety protocols, prior physical and mental preparation and emotional management ensure we understand better what we are facing.


The manufacture and installation of our windows is similar to the 4way method: both processes require a mind that is agile in making difficult decisions, with no margin for error.


We hope that all the preparation and time dedicated to preparing for this championship at Skydive Madrid will pay off.


The intrepid stars of this show are Guillem Savall, our director of Alumilux, Xevi Roca, Yolanda Deu and Jordi Meseguer.


Images and video: Ferran Gasau


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