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Otiima, from the house to the boat

Otiima, together with the company GoFriday, is developing a new sliding window for luxury floating homes.

GoFriday, the new company formed by the Ecosteel group, was set up in order to create a sliding window capable of being adapted to a houseboat. A commission from Otiima, whose main challenge was to come up with a system that would prevent the sashes from slipping as a result of the simple movement of water.


It was the spirit of innovation that fostered the idea of creating an alternative to blocks of flats and bringing freedom and satisfaction to residents with new forms of housing.


These houseboats, with a life cycle of about 50 years, are suitable as both primary residences and holiday homes. The system has the capacity to be adapted to the customer as a result of the many possibilities of dimensions and types, varying between 10 and 18 metres in length and a constant 6 metres in width. Their main feature is the comfort they provide through their equipped kitchen, the barbecue on the roof, heat pump and alternating current generator.




The materials used have a very low environmental impact, as well as reducing carbon emissions and energy needs. The house can be self-sufficient for at least seven days and produces more than 80% of its annual energy costs. Its modular design allows all components, including furniture, to be easily transported anywhere in the world. Each boat contains two small engines for trips at a moderate speed of 5.5 km/h. However, the priority is the pleasure of the journey and the experience, rather than speed.




The individual has the possibility of waking up in a different place every day in an environment of luxury, comfort and personality.


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José Campos

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