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Smartframe, the smart window from Otiima

Otiima and CeNTI, a nanotechnology and smart materials centre, have created the Smartframe project: a smart window capable of adapting to the user and their environment.

The companies Otiima and CeNTI have joined forces to launch an innovative project: a smart window that interacts with the user, as well as guaranteeing the quality of the air inside the home.





This unique product, Smartframe, is qualified to recognise the individual’s movements and activate its operation based on new gesture control technologies. It also incorporates a heating system in the profiles to prevent the water freezing in the drainage channels.


The fact that the window is designed to ensure the air quality indoors enhances the performance of the product. Its sensor system can detect CO2 levels, temperature and humidity in the air. This data provides sufficient information to generate an algorithm that proposes the opening or closing of windows to improve the ventilation, indoor air quality and energy efficiency of the building. These functions can be controlled from the Otiima mobile app.


The systems contained in the product help to generate less consumption and reduced dimensions, while protecting the user from air pollution. In this way, they achieve an innovative result that turns a frame into so much more than a window.


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