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States of high performance with Xavier Pirla

Stress and creativity are two states that are as antithetical as they are necessary in our work. At Alumilux we explore new tools such as NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming).

Human behaviour is often conditioned by the moods in which we find ourselves. Xavier Pirla, who has been deciphering people’s minds and behaviour for more than 20 years, has taught us how to use the advantages of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) to become more productive and efficient.



In their day-to-day life, architects have to handle many different tasks: in the morning as a company manager, manager and in charge of site management; and in the evening, they have to isolate themselves from all this pressure and become creative people.


At this point, it is essential to have the ability to manage our mood swings in order to move between all these different tasks. For this reason, Alumilux designed an experience, called “Prosperar o sobrevivir” (“Thrive or Survive”), for a small group of architects.


The masterclass, taught by Xavier Pirla, master trainer in NLP, provided useful and applicable tools to manage our stress level by understanding how our nervous system works and how to manage it. The day course was also accompanied by a tea ceremony led by Yumi Inue. This is a tradition from Japan that helps us to enter into a state of maximum concentration, performed by authentic experts from Kyoto who travelled expressly to the Empordà, where the NLP day course was being held.


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