Zona de piscina envuelta por grandes ventanales que fusionan el interior y el exterior

Villa Guadalmina: the passivhaus on the Costa del Sol

The low-consumption house that boasts large windows.

Studio 969 Arquitectos designed this villa with a zero-energy concept, influenced by its natural surroundings in the Costa del Sol region of Malaga.

A main volume rests on two porticoes, housing the night-time uses of the dwelling. This large white body is combined with the materiality of the wood that envelops part of the façade, providing warmth and roominess.

Zona de entrada de color blanco para integrarla en el paisaje. Videoportero de última generación | Villa Guadalmina Costa del Sol | Alumilux


The porticoes that support the main volume are depicted in white, intended to be Mediterranean references. These make up the entrance, with a glass body featuring a large floor-to-ceiling pivoting door, four metres high. The swimming pool area is enclosed by large windows that merge inside and outside thanks to the OTIIMA Drain profiles. By hiding the lower profile under the floor finish, the only visible part is the rail along which the leaf runs, making the boundaries between inside and outside disappear.


Entrada con cuerpo de cristal con puerta pivotante desde el suelo hasta el techo | Villa Guadalmina Costa del Sol | Alumilux


And without giving up all these qualities, the Otiima system contains a drainage channel with the capacity to store a large amount of water, even on days of heavy rainfall.

At Alumilux, we have been in charge of providing the technical solutions for the integration of these high-energy performance windows, guaranteeing the best possible airtightness in the façade and true to the Passivhaus philosophy requested by the project.


Ventanales elegantes, minimalistas y estancas que ofrecen vista sobre la piscina | Villa Guadalmina Costa del Sol | Alumilux


In this way, we managed to combine the elegance of a window in the purest minimalist style with the technical and energy specifications required by modern-day buildings.

It may seem impossible, but it is not.


If you want to find out more, you can visit the project page on our website.


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