Sestig Pavilion: A house that once enveloped art, and now creates it

Otiima integrates all the windows in the renovation of the iconic Matthys-Colle house.

Situated in one of the best residential areas of Deurle, a small village in Belgium, is the Sestig Pavilion house. Ivan Van Mossevelde was the architect behind the original 1972 project, the Matthys-Colle House.




The first client was an art collector, so special attention was paid to its materiality, the indirect natural light entering the interior and the corners, which are rounded and break slightly with the solid volume. It is currently the new headquarters of the architects in charge of the restoration.





The Belgian studio Glenn Sestig Architects redesigned this house, giving the building a new name. With their intervention, they achieved a magnificent transition between the past and the future. Thanks to Otiima windows and in particular the Drain system, with very slim and sophisticated frames, the interior and exterior are beautifully unified.





ARK JOURNAL included this house in its magazine to show the beauty and importance of the project. Therefore, we are not exaggerating when we say that it is architecture with a high sentimental and artistic value and a magnificent execution.


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