Piezas de alumino lacadas en diferentes tonos

Transparent lacquer: the colour that restores nobility to aluminium

Colour is not a means of expression. It is a language that allows us to convey emotions and feelings.

Colour has always existed in nature, in matter and in all the elements that have surrounded us since our beginnings. When we unconsciously associate colour with memories and sensations, we transform it into a language that fosters emotional communication through feelings.


But in architecture, when it is not used properly and the colour does not correspond to the essence of the element that contains it, the result is that projects end up eliminating this element and substituting it with other more honest materials such as wood or steel.


If we focus for a moment on aluminium windows in a design – but above all on the misuse of colour – we see that the nature of this material has been completely lost, giving the viewer unpleasant and banal sensations, resulting in the destruction of the reputation of aluminium in architectural projects.





We at Alumilux, being acutely aware of this problem, aim to transmit our feeling for aluminium through colour, emphasising and focusing on its nobility using the transparent lacquer technique. The materiality of the aluminium is revealed through the paint with an uneven primer over its entire surface and emphasising its corners, giving a more organic effect to the profile. In this way, we managed to turn a simple aluminium window into a functional metallic element within a unique architectural context.



This is not a gratuitous or casual solution, quite the contrary. With finesse, rigour and artisanal expression, we turn colour into one of the main tools that help us to restore values such as nobility, materiality and uniqueness to our windows.


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