Jaime Prous y Pablo Garrido

Deep Skin. The importance of the ‘skin’ of a building

New book by Jaime Prous and Pablo Garrido: Deep Skin. Fascination, experience, curiosity and constraint are factors that motivated the making of this fascinating book.

“The deepest thing in man is the skin.” So wrote the French writer, poet, essayist and philosopher, Paul Valéry. With this phrase, architects Jaime Prous and Pablo Garrido define the subject matter of the book Deep Skin, published by Alumilux.


The word “skin”, in the architectural field, means the envelope of a building. It has colour, texture, materialisation and even irregularities that characterise it and make it different in one project or another. It was precisely from this particular feature that the architects and professors of the Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura del Vallès (ETSAV) decided to create a collection of thoughts covering different questions about the world of skins and technology.




The book is structured into parts and chapters, each dealing with a different topic. In addition, each chapter is complemented by several case studies; world-class construction sites with construction drawings to exemplify the aspects mentioned in the sections. In this way, their knowledge and arguments are passed on alongside well-known works.


It is not a book of notes, nor a technical manual, nor a compilation of scientific and other articles. Deep Skin is considered a work that shows a fascination with building technology, architecture and training with a touch of humour.


For more information on the book: https://www.jprousarchitects.com/es/deep-skin/



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